[#TUTOS] How to automatically download from uTorrent

Hi guys,

I know a lot of you would like to download their favorites TV Shows that airs at 3 or 4 A.M. but you are to lazy to wake up to set the download. Don’t worry, µTorrent made that easy for you and today I’m going to show you how.


1\ Obviously, µTorrent (I’m currently using the 3.0 version).
2\ Some RSS Feed (will talk about that a bit later).
3\ Enough storage on you hard drive.


1\ Install µTorrent on your machine.
2\ Go to ShowRSS to set up your RSS Feed.
2.1\ Go to the “feeds” tab.
2.2\ Set the quality to “Only 720 D Torrent” if you want
2.3\ Pick your show; in this tuto I’m going to choose “Suits”
2.4\ Leave the rest like it is and click “Generate Feed” next to the show you picked.
2.5\ Your RSS Feed it is setup just copy it.
3.\ On the left panel look for “Feeds” right click and choose add “RSS Feed…”.
3.1\ You notice that the link to your RSS feed is already there.
3.2\ Make sure to choose “Do not automatically download all items.” Its reaaaaaaaaaally important that you do this.
3.3\ And the just click okay.
4\ Go to µTorrent And Option tab and choose RSS Downloader or just click CTRL+R on your keyboard.
4.1\ Click the “Add” Button at the bottom.
4.2\ In the “Filter Settings” and do as in the picture below.

5\ You’re good to go; just leave you pc on and µTorrent running the night of the airing and you should have it downloaded by the morning (according to you internet speed)

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