[#APPS] Car Launcher


Some of you are car owners or drive very often and sometimes you need to use your phone while driving, and well all know that you shouldn’t do that but you do it anyway.

Most of the brand new cars comes with Bluetooth integration so you can pair your phone with your car and use it;

But for the ones that don’t have this feature, you need to figure something out, so I looked for a solution and came up a cross several car launchers. So I’ve tested some of them on my phone (Sorry for iPhone and Windows users, I can’t test apps for you). and there are the 3 free launchers that I recommend you to use.

Sony Car Mode

When using this app you can control your music, navigate, check the weather and access your contact list.
To use the app, you can download it from xda and install the app. (You need to allow third party app)

make-samsung-galaxy-s3-sony-xperia-z-other-android-phones-safer-for-driving-with-car-launcher.w654   Car-Mode-App-in-Xperia-Z-C6602-Android-4.2.2-10.3.1.A.0.244-firmware

Car dashdroid – Car dashboard

This let you access several settings of your phone, and features a build in music player. You also swith between a light and dark mode (day/night). The app can read you out loud the texts you receive while driving and can  tell you how fast your going, (ain’t pretty accurate but its always funny to know who fast you’re going)
This app can be downloaded directly from the PlayStore

unnamed   unnamed2   unnamed3

Drivemode – Driving Interface

Well this app offers you fast access to the basic functionalities of the phone, contact, call and texting, Music Player, and navigation very fast. You can also choose the apps you want to use for navigation and the music player.
The app is available through the PlayStore

unnamed4   unnamed5   unnamed6 unnamed7

In conclusion,

I not very fan of using the phone while driving because you can’t be careful enough (watch those very sensitive images)  and you should enjoy the ride, but if needed, and in extreme circumstances, there are many apps that allows to control your phone while driving. I personally use Drivemode – Driving Interface so I don’t get distracted while driving.

Thank you for reading, iPhone users and Windows Phone users if you have tested some car launchers let me know so I can add them to this blog post.

And remember be careful. 😀


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