[#Reviews] Sony SmartBand Talk

Hi, how have you been guys? I know it has been a while since last update but I’m back and I’m gonna rock this place and today I’m gonna review the Sony SmartBand Talk, how exited is it *_*

A month ago, I purchased a Sony SmartBand Talk and I’ve been using it since then;


First let’s talk about the box: a transparent cubic box so you can see the device; inside the box you’ll find, obviously the SmartBand that comes with a smart wrist strap, a user guide, a micro USB cable and a large wrist strap and it comes in different colors black, white, yellow etc…


The SmartBand has a 70mAh battery which charges from 0 to 100 in less than an hour and allows you a use of almost 2 days; it also has voice, tap and gesture input so you can do some crazy stuff like dialing or making a web search… and it is water resistant so you don’t have to take it off any time you hit water

Once juiced up, connect it to any Android phone, running KitKat 4.4 or above, using Bluetooth or NFC then you need to download Sony SmartBand Talk app to customized it and LifeLog app to keep track of you do during the day;



Once connected and synced up, you can select the face watch that you want, add apps enable some settings like sleep tracking, notifications and smart waking up;

I recommend adding two apps so you can enjoy the full experience: Clocki and Music Control for SmartBand both available in the Play Store; the first will give you more choices while selecting a watch face and the second one, like its name suggest will allow you to control your music player (Tested it with Sony’s default music player)

I’ve mostly used the SmartBand for its tracking activity feature (walking, running and sleeping) and the notifications indicator since I don’t want to pull out my phone at every notification I got; I’ve once used it for a call and the sound quality ain’t that bad!

To end this review, the only thing that bothers me is: the autonomy. I know 2 days ain’t that bad but I wish it was like Xiaomi’s band (more than 40 days *_*)


Well this ends this review, I hope that you have found it useful, don’t forget to share and subscriber, till next time peace!




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