[#Review] Marshmallow on Sony Xperia Z2

A couple a weeks ago, they pushed another update for their newest flagship: The Z5 family and it is Android Marshmallow (6.0). Few days later it’s the Z3+ and Z4 tablet are getting the update;

Feeling bad for Z2 and Z3 users, Sony decided to push another beta update for the Z2 and Z3 owners and it wasn’t the 6.0 Marshmallow but the 6.0.1 version. There was a small downside to this update: it was restricted to only owners in Italy, Netherlands and Spain, but thanks to the super team of XDA almost anyone who have a Z2 or a Z3 can enjoy the update. So today I’m going to make a review of this update;

Since my device was rooted and had Dual Recovery installed, I didn’t hesitate to update my phone. I did a backup of my old ROM (the 5.1.1) and flashed the latest one 6.0.1, (Link to the thread are at the end).


After booting, you notice the same user interface as the 5.1.1. too bad, I was expecting a new UI just like the Xperia X UI .

First of all, let’s talk about the launcher, now it can support icon packs. The app drawer will open on the last page you were in not at the begging, you can choose a transition between the paged of your home screen and most of all the gap between status bar icon is gone \o/

Plugging your phone to PC, will give you a selection menu: you can choose between charging only, Transfer files (MTP), Mass storage mode (MSC) and MIDI. You may choose MTP if you want to access to the internal storage of your device.


The camera app got a new UI, it ain’t that new because it was first pushed to the Z5 Family as an update through “What’s New” app. Still no RAW mode but it still takes some decent/awesome pictures.

A new feature of Marshmallow, is being able to set permission to your apps, you can find it in the app menu in settings.

Let’s talk about the battery life: packing a 3200mAh, a decent battery, the Z2 was able to last almost 48h when running Lollipop with Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Playing Music, using social apps and some gaming time. On Marshmallow, it can’t last more than 24h when running the same tasks as on Lollipop. Do you wanna know why? Cuz there is no STAMINA mode on Marshmallow there is only the Android embedded DOSE mode that ain’t as powerful as the STAMINA mode, Sony says that it will be back within a couple of weeks which means it probably will be around April.

Don’t forget that this a beta version which mean that there are some bugs, the one I suffer from is the double-tap to wake it works 1 out of 3 or 4 times T_T. Some users are saying that there are bugs related to weak Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, didn’t notice it.

I thing that sums it up, it you want to know other things about this update, let me know in the comment section. ‘Till next time!


Link for the Z2

Link for the Z3 Compact

Link for the Z3 Dual

Link for the Z3

for root check this




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