[#Gaming] Need For Speed Underground 2

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Today, it’s all about gaming, and I’ve selected one of my favorite games ever and still play it till this day.

During 2004, EA released one of the most epic racing game ever made: the almighty  Need For Speed Underground 2.
After the events of the first Underground, you arrive at Bayview, one of the most iconic Need For Speed cities, and find a Rachel’s 350z waiting for you outside the airport. You’re asked to complete some random challenges in order to get the hang of controlling the driving. Then you meet Rachel Teller, played by Brooke Burke, after a brief discussion and picking up your own brand new car from the lot, you get to race through the city during some circuit, drift, street x, drag, sprint and some underground tournament getting notorious and wining cash$$$ to customize your rides at the unlocked custom shops around the city.


Speaking of customization, the very most funny part of the game, you can pick up bumpers, side skirt, rimes, wings, change the set of lights, change the hood, add some roof scopes, neon, some advanced audio system, spinners and you could even add suicide doors (*q*) . You could also tune up the performance of the car: we’re talking about some ECU, brand new transmission, some direct port shot of Nitro (*o*), bigger turbos and so on… Truly, never had the chance to play a game with such level of customization. (still haven’t played the last Need For Speed 😦 )


Oh wait, a game about cars and still didn’t talked about those sweets on four wheels: there is a large set of cars to play and customize:

  • Some JDM (Evo9, AE86, Civic, GT-R34, Supra, Eclipse…;
  • A couple of Muscles: a Mustang and a Pontiac GTO (good never been a fan of those big Muscles);
  • 3 SUV: a H2, an Escalade and a Navigator the useless cars you use once and then forget about their existence;
  • And 3 European cars: 206, A3, MK4.

While racing, you can listen to beautiful tracks selected by EA;

There’s the games intro

Piece of advice: while customizing cars, NEVER GO FULL RICER it’s baaaaaaad!

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Gaming: Test Drive Unlimited 2


Today, we will talk about an not old game but not that old game: Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PEGI 12+)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is published by Atari and CyberFront developed by Eden Games back in 2011

The game is very similar to The Crew but TDU2 isn’t a very racing game, it is a DRIVING game. In the game you can get behind the wheel of a great set of exotics cars: we’re talking about the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin One-77 and many others, behind the wheel of Off-roads (VW Tuareg, Mercedes ML,…) and also of those cars that you may see every day and can’t get your hands on one of them like the Ford Mustang,VW GTI (Golf) and other little jewels. While driving in the game, you explore Ibiza and Hawaii. In those two islands you will find gems to build unique cars and use them in free roam.

TestDrive2.exe_2015-01-04-18-48-43-877    TestDrive2.exe_2015-01-04-18-50-15-604

To get the cars you need money and money come from winning championships. And to get in the championship you need a license provided by the racing school. The Racing school provides 3 types of licenses dispatched over 11 categories: C: 3, 4; B: 3, 4 and A: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [C is for classic, B: is for the Off-road and A is for Asphalt]. The first licenses are “EASY” to get and the they become more and more difficult to get. I took me a couple of hours of struggling to get the A4-A5 license. The A3-A2 license is near impossible to get with the Dodge Viper going crazy after starting the test track, so I abandoned an went sleeping.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 would have been a great game like its predecessors if it wasn’t for the #!@^\#{€~è Racing Schools.


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