[#APPS] SeriesGuide

A sweet little app that allows you to keep track on your favorite TV Shows.
It also, tells you how mush you spent watching TV Shows (currently I’m at 190 days, 5 hours and 15 minutes).
It gives you an ETA on the next aired episode of you favorite TV Show.

It isn’t an exclusive TV tracker app; you can also track movies the one you watched and the ones you want to watch.

The best part, for an otaku like me, you can also track you favorite MANGA \o/

The app is available on android (4.0.3 and above) and also to Amazon devices. Check their site for the download links



[#Manga] Black Clover

Hi, its been awhile since the last update due to a lot of work…

But hey, lets talk about manga and a new one and its Black Clover.

It is about 2 orphan boys (Aster and Yuno) who have been living together in the same church since they were abandoned. At some point of their life, they made a promise to each other to compete and see who will become the next successor to the emperor (the magic knight of the magic knight).

Yuno was the Sasuke of Black Clover, had it from the bigging big magic power and control, and just like Sasuke needed a Naruto, Yuno’s Naruto was Aster: he had no magic power in him so he trained himself physically so he can cover for his lack of magic.

At the age of 15 and during the Magic Knight Entrance Exam, Yuno received a spectacular grimoire with a four leaf clover, as most people receive a three leaf clover one. Meanwhile, our friend Aster, didn’t receive anything not even a one leaf clover grimoire.

Yuno was threatened and someone almost stole his grimoire but his friend Aster came to rescue him and the truth about his power was reveled, he receive a grimoire (YAAAAY \o/) but isn’t a normal one, it has a black five (I repeat F-I-V-E) leaf clover an anti-magic grimoire and he saved his friend.

Now both friends, are seeking the same goal.

I’m not going to tell you all the story, I’m just going to let you read it (here) enjoy!


[Test] #CMStorm Reaper

Today, we received the CM Storm Reaper, and boy its beautiful.

She got 8 programmables buttons: three on the side, right and left click, a DPI+ and DPI- and the Scrolling wheel which is a 2D scrolling only 😦

She can go from 200 to 8200DPI

And most of all she got 3 led lights: 2 on the front and 1 just behind the clicking buttons.

The Scrolling wheel is made of aluminum and also the palm plat which is also removable so you can “Customized it”

Price at the time of buying: 58€

#SuperBowl The 64 Ads

Yesterday was the #SuperBowl, I really don’t care who played or who won but I do really enjoyed the ads.
The ads worth the money spent on them, on my opinion are: My Bold Dad (Toyota), With My Dad (Nissan), Newfangled Idea (BMW) and of course the EPIC one was  the Real Life Pacman (Bud Light)

Gaming: Test Drive Unlimited 2


Today, we will talk about an not old game but not that old game: Test Drive Unlimited 2 (PEGI 12+)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is published by Atari and CyberFront developed by Eden Games back in 2011

The game is very similar to The Crew but TDU2 isn’t a very racing game, it is a DRIVING game. In the game you can get behind the wheel of a great set of exotics cars: we’re talking about the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin One-77 and many others, behind the wheel of Off-roads (VW Tuareg, Mercedes ML,…) and also of those cars that you may see every day and can’t get your hands on one of them like the Ford Mustang,VW GTI (Golf) and other little jewels. While driving in the game, you explore Ibiza and Hawaii. In those two islands you will find gems to build unique cars and use them in free roam.

TestDrive2.exe_2015-01-04-18-48-43-877    TestDrive2.exe_2015-01-04-18-50-15-604

To get the cars you need money and money come from winning championships. And to get in the championship you need a license provided by the racing school. The Racing school provides 3 types of licenses dispatched over 11 categories: C: 3, 4; B: 3, 4 and A: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [C is for classic, B: is for the Off-road and A is for Asphalt]. The first licenses are “EASY” to get and the they become more and more difficult to get. I took me a couple of hours of struggling to get the A4-A5 license. The A3-A2 license is near impossible to get with the Dodge Viper going crazy after starting the test track, so I abandoned an went sleeping.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 would have been a great game like its predecessors if it wasn’t for the #!@^\#{€~è Racing Schools.


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