[#Gaming] Need For Speed Underground 2

Hello there, hope you all are doing fine.

Today, it’s all about gaming, and I’ve selected one of my favorite games ever and still play it till this day.

During 2004, EA released one of the most epic racing game ever made: the almighty  Need For Speed Underground 2.
After the events of the first Underground, you arrive at Bayview, one of the most iconic Need For Speed cities, and find a Rachel’s 350z waiting for you outside the airport. You’re asked to complete some random challenges in order to get the hang of controlling the driving. Then you meet Rachel Teller, played by Brooke Burke, after a brief discussion and picking up your own brand new car from the lot, you get to race through the city during some circuit, drift, street x, drag, sprint and some underground tournament getting notorious and wining cash$$$ to customize your rides at the unlocked custom shops around the city.


Speaking of customization, the very most funny part of the game, you can pick up bumpers, side skirt, rimes, wings, change the set of lights, change the hood, add some roof scopes, neon, some advanced audio system, spinners and you could even add suicide doors (*q*) . You could also tune up the performance of the car: we’re talking about some ECU, brand new transmission, some direct port shot of Nitro (*o*), bigger turbos and so on… Truly, never had the chance to play a game with such level of customization. (still haven’t played the last Need For Speed 😦 )


Oh wait, a game about cars and still didn’t talked about those sweets on four wheels: there is a large set of cars to play and customize:

  • Some JDM (Evo9, AE86, Civic, GT-R34, Supra, Eclipse…;
  • A couple of Muscles: a Mustang and a Pontiac GTO (good never been a fan of those big Muscles);
  • 3 SUV: a H2, an Escalade and a Navigator the useless cars you use once and then forget about their existence;
  • And 3 European cars: 206, A3, MK4.

While racing, you can listen to beautiful tracks selected by EA;

There’s the games intro

Piece of advice: while customizing cars, NEVER GO FULL RICER it’s baaaaaaad!

Enjoy the reading and see you next post!


[#Review] Marshmallow on Sony Xperia Z2

A couple a weeks ago, they pushed another update for their newest flagship: The Z5 family and it is Android Marshmallow (6.0). Few days later it’s the Z3+ and Z4 tablet are getting the update;

Feeling bad for Z2 and Z3 users, Sony decided to push another beta update for the Z2 and Z3 owners and it wasn’t the 6.0 Marshmallow but the 6.0.1 version. There was a small downside to this update: it was restricted to only owners in Italy, Netherlands and Spain, but thanks to the super team of XDA almost anyone who have a Z2 or a Z3 can enjoy the update. So today I’m going to make a review of this update;

Since my device was rooted and had Dual Recovery installed, I didn’t hesitate to update my phone. I did a backup of my old ROM (the 5.1.1) and flashed the latest one 6.0.1, (Link to the thread are at the end).


After booting, you notice the same user interface as the 5.1.1. too bad, I was expecting a new UI just like the Xperia X UI .

First of all, let’s talk about the launcher, now it can support icon packs. The app drawer will open on the last page you were in not at the begging, you can choose a transition between the paged of your home screen and most of all the gap between status bar icon is gone \o/

Plugging your phone to PC, will give you a selection menu: you can choose between charging only, Transfer files (MTP), Mass storage mode (MSC) and MIDI. You may choose MTP if you want to access to the internal storage of your device.


The camera app got a new UI, it ain’t that new because it was first pushed to the Z5 Family as an update through “What’s New” app. Still no RAW mode but it still takes some decent/awesome pictures.

A new feature of Marshmallow, is being able to set permission to your apps, you can find it in the app menu in settings.

Let’s talk about the battery life: packing a 3200mAh, a decent battery, the Z2 was able to last almost 48h when running Lollipop with Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Playing Music, using social apps and some gaming time. On Marshmallow, it can’t last more than 24h when running the same tasks as on Lollipop. Do you wanna know why? Cuz there is no STAMINA mode on Marshmallow there is only the Android embedded DOSE mode that ain’t as powerful as the STAMINA mode, Sony says that it will be back within a couple of weeks which means it probably will be around April.

Don’t forget that this a beta version which mean that there are some bugs, the one I suffer from is the double-tap to wake it works 1 out of 3 or 4 times T_T. Some users are saying that there are bugs related to weak Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, didn’t notice it.

I thing that sums it up, it you want to know other things about this update, let me know in the comment section. ‘Till next time!


Link for the Z2

Link for the Z3 Compact

Link for the Z3 Dual

Link for the Z3

for root check this



[#Reviews] Sony SmartBand Talk

Hi, how have you been guys? I know it has been a while since last update but I’m back and I’m gonna rock this place and today I’m gonna review the Sony SmartBand Talk, how exited is it *_*

A month ago, I purchased a Sony SmartBand Talk and I’ve been using it since then;


First let’s talk about the box: a transparent cubic box so you can see the device; inside the box you’ll find, obviously the SmartBand that comes with a smart wrist strap, a user guide, a micro USB cable and a large wrist strap and it comes in different colors black, white, yellow etc…


The SmartBand has a 70mAh battery which charges from 0 to 100 in less than an hour and allows you a use of almost 2 days; it also has voice, tap and gesture input so you can do some crazy stuff like dialing or making a web search… and it is water resistant so you don’t have to take it off any time you hit water

Once juiced up, connect it to any Android phone, running KitKat 4.4 or above, using Bluetooth or NFC then you need to download Sony SmartBand Talk app to customized it and LifeLog app to keep track of you do during the day;



Once connected and synced up, you can select the face watch that you want, add apps enable some settings like sleep tracking, notifications and smart waking up;

I recommend adding two apps so you can enjoy the full experience: Clocki and Music Control for SmartBand both available in the Play Store; the first will give you more choices while selecting a watch face and the second one, like its name suggest will allow you to control your music player (Tested it with Sony’s default music player)

I’ve mostly used the SmartBand for its tracking activity feature (walking, running and sleeping) and the notifications indicator since I don’t want to pull out my phone at every notification I got; I’ve once used it for a call and the sound quality ain’t that bad!

To end this review, the only thing that bothers me is: the autonomy. I know 2 days ain’t that bad but I wish it was like Xiaomi’s band (more than 40 days *_*)


Well this ends this review, I hope that you have found it useful, don’t forget to share and subscriber, till next time peace!



Mon méchant burger

Next place to check, bad buns \o/

Samedi c’est sortie!

Dans la catégorie Cobaye on appelle Bad Buns in Ze place! On y est allé, on vous raconte.

On avait  faim, très faim même, Et on est pas des gentilles, Joey Starr peut en témoigner. Bad buns semblait être le choix le plus judicieux. il s’imposait par lui même.

Comment on a découvert ce petit coin? grâce à leur page Facebook, qui au passage est irréprochable, elle nous briefe efficacement sur l’esprit de cette enseigne qui se veut être très new-yorkaise, mais ça on y reviendra.

Bad Buns est situé à Sidi Yahia, un endroit très galère pour trouver du stationnement, surtout un samedi après-midi, pourtant on a même pas fait le tour, le parking situé à proximité était quasi-vide, une chance diriez vous, on vous rassure, la poisse c’est nous!

On tient d’abord à parler de l’accueil, le personnel est jeûne, frais, souriant et décontracte. On…

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[#APPS] Car Launcher


Some of you are car owners or drive very often and sometimes you need to use your phone while driving, and well all know that you shouldn’t do that but you do it anyway.

Most of the brand new cars comes with Bluetooth integration so you can pair your phone with your car and use it;

But for the ones that don’t have this feature, you need to figure something out, so I looked for a solution and came up a cross several car launchers. So I’ve tested some of them on my phone (Sorry for iPhone and Windows users, I can’t test apps for you). and there are the 3 free launchers that I recommend you to use.

Sony Car Mode

When using this app you can control your music, navigate, check the weather and access your contact list.
To use the app, you can download it from xda and install the app. (You need to allow third party app)

make-samsung-galaxy-s3-sony-xperia-z-other-android-phones-safer-for-driving-with-car-launcher.w654   Car-Mode-App-in-Xperia-Z-C6602-Android-4.2.2-10.3.1.A.0.244-firmware

Car dashdroid – Car dashboard

This let you access several settings of your phone, and features a build in music player. You also swith between a light and dark mode (day/night). The app can read you out loud the texts you receive while driving and can  tell you how fast your going, (ain’t pretty accurate but its always funny to know who fast you’re going)
This app can be downloaded directly from the PlayStore

unnamed   unnamed2   unnamed3

Drivemode – Driving Interface

Well this app offers you fast access to the basic functionalities of the phone, contact, call and texting, Music Player, and navigation very fast. You can also choose the apps you want to use for navigation and the music player.
The app is available through the PlayStore

unnamed4   unnamed5   unnamed6 unnamed7

In conclusion,

I not very fan of using the phone while driving because you can’t be careful enough (watch those very sensitive images)  and you should enjoy the ride, but if needed, and in extreme circumstances, there are many apps that allows to control your phone while driving. I personally use Drivemode – Driving Interface so I don’t get distracted while driving.

Thank you for reading, iPhone users and Windows Phone users if you have tested some car launchers let me know so I can add them to this blog post.

And remember be careful. 😀



A couple of you guys have been wondering how they could use Spotify knowing that its not available in their country, well today, you’re going to know how.

First of all you need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network): I usually use TunnelBear because its is free and it give me 500mb every month (download it here), but there are numerous VPN that are as good as TunnelBear.

After downloading, installing TunnelBear and signing up, you log in and choose what country to redirect to; I use “USA” because it will be use to set the language in Spotify ads.

Secondly, While using the VPN (witch means that you are in the US) go to Spotify’s website and click Play Free. Then you’ll be asked to log in (if you already have an account) or sign up using email address or using Facebook, I usually go with sign up using Facebook. Afterward, you’ll be redirected to the download page where the download starts automatically.

Finally, you may need to disable the VPN while installing Spotify, because it will download installation files, and there enable it in order to log in to you account using the desktop app.

Once logged in, you can disable the VPN and use the app as normal as it supposed to be.

For those who want to use the mobile version of Spotify, freely without any restrictions, download the apk  from here  install it and then sign up (you must have a VPN (like TunnelBear) running on your phone).

Once in a while, Spotify will tell you that your country has changed, you just need to close Spotify, connect to the VPN open Spotify and wait until you see you full username appears (if you had choose to sign up with Facebook) after this you can disable the VPN and you good to go until the next time.

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[#TUTOS] How to automatically download from uTorrent

Hi guys,

I know a lot of you would like to download their favorites TV Shows that airs at 3 or 4 A.M. but you are to lazy to wake up to set the download. Don’t worry, µTorrent made that easy for you and today I’m going to show you how.


1\ Obviously, µTorrent (I’m currently using the 3.0 version).
2\ Some RSS Feed (will talk about that a bit later).
3\ Enough storage on you hard drive.


1\ Install µTorrent on your machine.
2\ Go to ShowRSS to set up your RSS Feed.
2.1\ Go to the “feeds” tab.
2.2\ Set the quality to “Only 720 D Torrent” if you want
2.3\ Pick your show; in this tuto I’m going to choose “Suits”
2.4\ Leave the rest like it is and click “Generate Feed” next to the show you picked.
2.5\ Your RSS Feed it is setup just copy it.
3.\ On the left panel look for “Feeds” right click and choose add “RSS Feed…”.
3.1\ You notice that the link to your RSS feed is already there.
3.2\ Make sure to choose “Do not automatically download all items.” Its reaaaaaaaaaally important that you do this.
3.3\ And the just click okay.
4\ Go to µTorrent And Option tab and choose RSS Downloader or just click CTRL+R on your keyboard.
4.1\ Click the “Add” Button at the bottom.
4.2\ In the “Filter Settings” and do as in the picture below.

5\ You’re good to go; just leave you pc on and µTorrent running the night of the airing and you should have it downloaded by the morning (according to you internet speed)

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